Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is That It

Wats happen er'body...This is Kamal aka the Perfectionist aka The Perfect Dawn aka Smiley aka Giggles aka Grandpa aka Mellow Dramatic aka Till Dawn aka Boss.

Right now there's SOOOOO many things that need to get done. Hopefully things flow smoothly. The staff meeting should set the stage for everyone who calls themselves a "member", the Open House should supplement for those who are M.I.A. (Missin In Action), and the events coming up should prove that we can STILL put together #1 events and just have fun with everything.

The site should be maintained and updated on the regular. Its kind of sad how there's only a number of people that are dependable but its not we're going to dwell on it. We're still recruiting and teaching and learning and having fun so instead of looking back we just going to push forward and make ya'll wish you hadn't left. haha

Anyway now that I think about this Blogs aren't that hard to post. I dont know why people can get it done. This is my first one and ya'll going to see me on the regular.

Get at cha boi

Kamal is Perfection - "Never signing off, just a temporary pause"


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