Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Beef

Just a few things I want to put on the table.

1-The office was looking destructive when I came in on Monday Oct. 9th. It bad to have the place looking bad overnight. Its another thing to have the place looking bad over the weekend. Especially when I have o come in on monday and clean it before i start working. More than that, Garland's group came in that night so if i hadn't cleaned or I didn't even come in that day then HL would've given that group a bad impression of the organization. Therefore HL is going to close at 7pm for the rest of the weekend with the exception of Wednesday's Open House which we will then be closing at 8pm. Furthermore until I see the place being cleaned on the regular, at least for the rest of this week
, there will NOT be a movie night happening on friday Oct. 13th. If you have a problem with that take it up with me.

2-Though this Open House is happening tomorrow Oct. 11th. No one has stepped up to help out during this event. Why? I dont know but if this is going to be the case then we don't need to have any events happening at HL. I'm not suppose to be planning these things, I have way to much things that needs to get done and planning for an event isnt one of them. Therefore unless I see someone else other than Shelise Kareem and myself step up to plan these event there will be no more events. Again if you have a problem with this take it up with me.

3-There a lot of stories which I'm looking to have people cover. The hip hop museum is opening this thursday and I need people to go to a different event each day. Especially on Sunday where Kurtis Blow is going to be there, being that he's going to help sponsor the DJ Battle. Once again people need to step up.

Anyway thats about it. PEOPLE NEED TO STEP UP or NOT COME TO HL AT ALL.


see ya


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