Friday, October 20, 2006

Said it to 1...Say it to ALL - My Beef Vol. 2

I was talking to Gabby online last night and I was venting all my issues with people. She figured I was real mad about it. She's basically right. So all the things I was telling her I want everybody else to hear because yall should know.

My first issue is people not stepping up to the plate when they have to. As far as I'm concerned HarlemLIVE is not having another party after this month. I shouldn't be planning these things anyway. I have a million and one other important thing I need to accomplish, finding a new space for HL for example. In the Mandatory Staff Meeting we had the first Thursday of this month I spoke about everything we was doing for the month and I said we're looking for help with everything. As of right now, no one has come up to me and said "Kamal how can I help" except for Cat. I know ya'll are busy, some of ya'll are seniors, some got family issues and whatever the case is. But if I had 5 people to help then the workload would've been light for everyone. So like I said during the meeting I'm going to say now. Just cause you are a HL staff member doesn't mean you're getting in the party for free. Half of ya'll hasn't done anything for the site or the organization. There are people who just joined HarlemLIVE this week and are doing more work for HL then people has in the pass month. So they'll get in for free but everyone else, even though $5 isn’t much, you'll be giving that up when you come through the door. And I know I'm going to see faces I haven't seen in months trying to get into this party for free. So now that ya'll know early then don't be surprise if Taylor (who ya'll probably don't even know) gets in and you don't.

My second issue is where did the content for the site go. No one's doing stories, no one's editing video, no one's writing. What's going on? If you can be what HarlemLIVE is about then get out. We're not a hangout spot, we're an AWARD WINNING ONLINE YOUTH PUBLICATION. So we're not on a detour, which means if you aren’t on the right road then you either need to get back on it or stray away from it. I have no problem kicking out people who have been in HL for years, months, weeks or days. I don't care how cool you are with me, Rich, Chris who ever. If you're not doing what needs to be done then you'll be replaced with someone who will. So if you don't want to be s***ed on then get it right.

My last beef is the people who rob HL. For example: The college-mentoring program we have. A lot of familiar faces came out to that easy. But no one can write contribute to HarlemLIVE. How you going to take and not give back? Even if you post a blog once in a while at least you're contributing to the program. And I'm not just talking about the people who came out to the College Mentoring Program. That was just an example. You know who you are and if this concerns you then do something about it. Make some type of contribution.

This is just something that needed to be said and needs to be corrected. I don't like picking up other people's slack. I'm stressed enough as it is. Don't add to it.

Kill the drama people. Inside and outside. It's stupid. Grow up. Don't be a kid. Just move on.

As always if you got a problem with anything I said then let me know. You know how to reach me.

Kamal is Perfection - "Never signing off just a temporary pause"


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