Monday, July 10, 2006

dAy oNe 4 tHa QueEn oF DiaMonds(aKA LatRiCe)

hey wussup everyone tha names Latrice and Im startin the official blog of the Shuffle just a reporter but since i made the blog (no one else wantedto) then imma have the first say. so here i go:

The Shuffle Alliance.....yea thats far everytime someone has heard our name they've laughed.ok yall (and yea i did say from tha south thats what we say down there) while it might seem dumb, it does have meaning. ill leave that for jonny to explain...but newayz we just started the shuffle alliance...were all just chillin and plannin our stuff for the names Latrice...reppin tha dirty dirty south ( we got that bomb fried chicken!!) imma reporter and we gunna have stories like no other!! one of tha koolest kid ull eva meet....and i love all my pplz at HL! now imma turn it over for my other ppl.

but before that, one last thing:

WE GON MAKE IT DO WUT IT DO BAByY!!! HL aint READY! and thas real


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