Monday, July 30, 2007

~*Newbie in Town*~

~*July 30, 2007, My first day at HarlemLive. Also the first day that I actually succeeded to contact any volunteer internship programs. I felt great about my accomplishment. First off, I called HarlemLive about three days ago after I retrieved the number off of a volunteering website, and spoke with Celly about coming in for an interview that was set for Monday at 12pm. I try to find the place at first and came across a residential building and a woman told me to ring the bell that was two garbage cans down from the building. I get to the building, scared as hell of what they might assume from all of the peircings and "ghetto" clothing. Its actually nothing what I had expected. My peers where dressed the same way and not in business suits, the staff didn't judge me at all, and a friend of mine is on internship here! What a relief! Good thing I made the initiative to come down here today.*~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hi Every Body This is Franky's

Hi every body I stopping by because I leran something that will be very Valuable to me in the future. I Didn't really know what I was learning but when was explained to me I was like this will actually help with my life. I learn that timing is more important then anything in the world. The reason why I say its important to me is because with out timing there is no life and with it, its more than life. You have more things to do such as a newbie card or cooking because I know there is alot of people that llove to cook. That is my blog for today Soo I will holla at you guys later.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Hey HarlemLive staff

Hey, HarlemLive staff. It's Mary. I'm leaving at the end of August for Boston. Until then, I'm gonna be here at HarlemLive most of the time. I don't have much to write about. The Scavenger Hunt was fun but tiring. The team I'm on is pretty cool. Nada else to write about. I will blog later. Adios!!!!


so rite, im in the office rite now, im rele hungry, kinda wanting sum jimbooss....mmmmm....a hamburger with mucho suvoyas, yummie yummie yums, welll this is quite random....well chris is walkin around wit this backpack on ( i think he thinks he's chris brown...he;s not =)_) ...frankie is over herre blasting bartender...[she make us drinks, to drink, we drunk 'em, got drunk]...whaoo what is our music comin 2...nd whooo im degressing from the point at hand, which is....ehhh....nothing....well i think i should be doing something more productive, like make our team's name, but i have high high high hopes for my team **the green team** nd yeah....go team

Its Franky And this My Blog for today

Whats good every body I stopping by Just just to say what I learn today. I learn how to get to the server all by my self its actually easy all you have to do is press apple K and you go were you have to and I also used something new today that something new that I used was Photo shop and Put my picture it was cool. Well I holla at you guys later. If you have a Myspace holla at me at

Wow its been a minute since I did this...ok so its almost one o clock and since like all the people are at workshops its kinda dead. I'm still getting back into the feeling of getting up early and coming all the way here especially since that rush i had last summer is kind of gone. Maybe not a rush but more like anticpation of what the day would bring. I miss that, and i miss the sort of newsroom shuffle [or whatever its called] that HL had, where everyone was running around and even though sometimes the noise gave me a headache atleast it was never and i mean NEVER a dull moment. Anyway I'm reallly looking forward to this summer of new hl'ers and hoping that pretty soon we get back into that motion.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

keepin' up wit it....

Wuddup folks....Seli excited about everyone participating with us this summer, and hopefully most if not ALL of you guys will stay with us throughout the school year, up until college.....and then you guys can stay involved as alumni....

I just wanna get ALL of your attention and ask that EVERYONE keep up with the cleaning job i did here today Saturday July took me 4 whole hours to clean the floors (i had my mom and sis helpin me too!).....the floors will never look new again....but we need to keep up with them looking clean period!!!.....Let's see how long it lasts for!!!!.....

See u at the office....


we and kiara want to the Colin Powell I chat on friday, Its was cool but a miss, I feel as if they really dis Harlem (on some real) He didn't even give us recognition they shot out every body besides Harlem Live, but i aint going to complain about it no more even though I felt like tat but Colin powell really spoke about many issues that cocern alot of teen So Harlem Live keep your ears and eyes open for Chris second Story (later)

Real Gangstas Live In Soho

whew. The scavenger hunt is finally over. Me and Chris put in alot of work to make sure we made it to every stop on the list. Mary didn't even get a chance to settle into the group before it was disbanded. The new group im in consists of Ruth, Ravi, Mary, Kiara, and Nyiesha. Chris "forgot" to mention that today was his birthday. He hit 19 years today. Big birthday shouts to the homie Chris!!!

One last thing:
As me and Chris were leaving the Apple Store in Soho i noticed a vendor selling t-shirts for babies. But the t-shirts were N.W.A. t-shirts. There was also a guy selling a book entitled: "How To Roll The Perfect Blunt". I've always heard Soho described a trendy place for the young artsy types. White people basically. Yeahhh... I guess not anymore. Apparently all the real gangstas come from Soho. Just 1 more sign the world is coming to an end.

Friday, July 06, 2007


The day today went very well, although we walked a lot in the sizzling sun. Our team really got to know each other today. We took the train downtown for our scavenger hunt, which took us a while because we were waiting for the train. I could of took my mothers car, but I would of have charged all them five dollars for gas money, ha ha ha, just joking. Other then that, I hope to change and grow with the experiences I learn through HarlemLive. I now see the difference from when I first came in. When I first arrived at HarlemLive all I saw was just people chatting and people on the computer. After awhile I started realizing that it wasn’t just about chatting and being on a computer, it was about getting your tasks done and learning how an actual web magazine is run. Indeed I know that there are going to be very hard challenges, but you know what? I’M UP FOR THEM.

The Scavenger Hunt - Kaira

The Scavenger Hunt was very stressful. Some of the team members did not know how to get along, but we did the best we can possibly do. Even if we don't win i am glad we did this. You cn really see who you can depend on doing these kinds of activities.

Yall O.D on me But o yeah (Happy Birthday 2 me)

I cant get a break for nothing inside of harlem live yo, yall be O.D'ng on the kid but I loved it was cool, everybody was cool, in it was fun to meet them also it wsa like touring the city I seen things That i never knew was there. It was cool But Next year get those fun passes it would be crazy n send everybody all over, to every borough ( im telling u it would be crazy) pieces love n all that good sh** later Chris aka Teddy Gramz


I The scavenger hunt was fun.It made me work with others and learn teamwork.It also made me travel to places i would have never traveled to before. Most of the places on the list i never knew existed so i learned about them. They taught me about what they do and then they gave me there schedule so i know when there doing certain things. The scavenger hunt also made me become friends with my teammates and i learned how to work a camera from the scavenger hunt

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

Today my teammates and I had the daunting task of going on a scavenger hunt. This hunt not only helped me get to know my team members a lot more, but also opened my eyes to places in the city I do not usually visit, such as Soho. Today was also a learning experience for me because I went to places I had not previously been to. I feel even more relaxed and comfortable here now that some of the work has gotten underway. Now it is time for me to go to home and lay down because today had to be the most walking I’ve done in a long time. However, you will be hearing from me again real soon.

Shariyf's Blog

When I first walked downstairs after being buzzed in at the gate to Harlem Live, I was thinking to myself what is this. However, after I started meeting the people here and learning of the different things that are done here, I became a lot more comfortable. I also realized I had a couple thing in common with some other people here. Whether it was graduating from the same high school a girl here will be attending in the fall to finding out I am going to the same college that Gisely once went to.
The P.O.S. (person on the street) activity was very exciting. I did not feel nervous or scared approaching anybody and the conversations I did have with people were informative and interesting.
My first day at Harlem Live is one I will remember for the rest of my life because this is the first job I have ever had. I hope to grow more as a person during my time at Harlem Live and greatly look forward to the next few weeks I will be here.

Day three

yo yo its kingmoe is a don and today starts the hunt. man are my feet hurting but my team is mostly done

Day one

Today is my first day at Harlem Live. At first I thought it was going to be a horrible and bad time but I remember from my interview that I was told that my shy shell would be broken. And true to every word it was broken now I know just about every person. In the beginning I thought I didn't belong here but now that I'm have a good time I know it's gonna be fun.

The Journey by Ravi Johnson

Hello cyber world my name is Ravi Johnson. On July 2, 2007 I started a journey it was my first day at HarlemLive located in the heart of Harlem. As soon as i walked through the door i felt a warm sense of comfort and my co workers and supervisors did there best to keep it that way. In my first few hours i conducted my first on street interview where we hit the streets of harlem and interviewed people on non other then fashion. Fashion is obviously a very important role in many people lives because everyone wants to be portrayed with or by a certian image. Why is fashion so important and what inspires peoples unique style of dress and taste? These are two of many questions asked by myself and my fellow interviewers on the streets of harlem.
When talking fashion you cant mention it without mentioning harlem who often starts many fashion trends. So we hit the streets to find out what truly inspires peoples fashion.While on the streets of Harlem i met a former musician/music teacher, a school teacher, a student at NYU and an African Dancer. Though these people worked in many different fields they all agreed music plays a large role on how they dress. Many people felt that music expresses them and through music and art through fashion they can express themselves.
Though many people were concerned with looks many people felt that comfort is alot more important. Today i truly was surprised how one long block on one long street 125th street between 7th and 8th ave can truly desplay hundreds of different styles inspired by different things and worn for different reasons. Harlem is truly a mecca of fashion.

The Scavenger Hunt

Today me & my co-worker Franky went on a scavenger hunt all around Harlem...and it was sooo tiring! We went everywhere and it seemed that this day would never end! We collected business cards, took pictures & did all of this w/ 1 bike! IM GLAD THAT ITS OVA!!!!!

Tricycle Trouble

hello to all of u out there in cyberspace. O.k. straight to business. I had to do a scavenger hunt with Chris and Darrel throughout Manhattan. Walkin these harlem streets are not easy on the feet. I must have walked at least 60 blocks. Darell was really quiet. Almost eerily quiet. And when he did speak it was to inform me and Chris to "watch our backs" becuase he has problems in certain neighborhoods with people. HA HA HA. Yah when the 8th graders roll up on tricycle with bb guns then I'll get scared. For now I feel pretty safe. But darell really came through with a decent qaulity camera. Chris was there to keep me company. Crackin jokes on the random passerby seemed to make the hours go. Tommorow its back on the pavement on lower manhattan. Oh yeah we have a new group member named Mary... no clue where she dissapeared to though. w/e.

Franky's Blog of the day

Hello what's every body I just finished my sagvenger hunt I am tired like crazy and will talk to you later.

Monday, July 02, 2007

new daii

So today-like many other days- I buzzed the buzzer and went to inside of HarlemLive, and I was pleasently surprised. The main room, which many times I indepently occupied, was crazy crowed with people. I mean it was great! I mean I just came in to find out about the Colin Powell info, and BAM...again, it was freakkin awesome. So yeah, right now I'm hoping its like this for the rest of the summer, but I doubt by the end of the summer I'll feel this way (hehehe ...J.K-ing)...Peacies Alana