Saturday, July 07, 2007

Real Gangstas Live In Soho

whew. The scavenger hunt is finally over. Me and Chris put in alot of work to make sure we made it to every stop on the list. Mary didn't even get a chance to settle into the group before it was disbanded. The new group im in consists of Ruth, Ravi, Mary, Kiara, and Nyiesha. Chris "forgot" to mention that today was his birthday. He hit 19 years today. Big birthday shouts to the homie Chris!!!

One last thing:
As me and Chris were leaving the Apple Store in Soho i noticed a vendor selling t-shirts for babies. But the t-shirts were N.W.A. t-shirts. There was also a guy selling a book entitled: "How To Roll The Perfect Blunt". I've always heard Soho described a trendy place for the young artsy types. White people basically. Yeahhh... I guess not anymore. Apparently all the real gangstas come from Soho. Just 1 more sign the world is coming to an end.


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