Monday, July 30, 2007

~*Newbie in Town*~

~*July 30, 2007, My first day at HarlemLive. Also the first day that I actually succeeded to contact any volunteer internship programs. I felt great about my accomplishment. First off, I called HarlemLive about three days ago after I retrieved the number off of a volunteering website, and spoke with Celly about coming in for an interview that was set for Monday at 12pm. I try to find the place at first and came across a residential building and a woman told me to ring the bell that was two garbage cans down from the building. I get to the building, scared as hell of what they might assume from all of the peircings and "ghetto" clothing. Its actually nothing what I had expected. My peers where dressed the same way and not in business suits, the staff didn't judge me at all, and a friend of mine is on internship here! What a relief! Good thing I made the initiative to come down here today.*~


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