Friday, August 18, 2006

The Summer Media Program is Over

yesterday was the award cermony. It was so nice it was held at ABC studios downtown. The cermony startede at seven o clock but we had to arrive earlier to get ready. I came a little late because i took the bus. threw the whole night I was wondering who was going to what and who was gonna get what. That night i was looking so hot. I wore a black dress with back heels with rhinstons onthe side. I thought everyone looked so nice even Kamal. I was so surprised. During the award cermony some of the videos didn't want to work but it was still nice. For presentation Annoymous won but Shuffle won the challege for fixing up HL. We also won the Summer Media Challege. Each team member got money and will be able to pick anothert prize. At the end of the summer but theres always next summer


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