Monday, July 10, 2006

Diamonds on the mic now.....

We all up in HarlemLIve, gettin' our group together and in check babyy. It's about to be all good in a few. As soon as our whole team get it right, well be unstoppable. Everyone wanna get on our name, and frankly, I can't blame em. Jonathan was buggin out on that one. But It's all good, we could just take thatand roll wit the punches. I'm a reporter with the Shuffle Alliance. I intend on at least tryin to do my thing wit the team. Hopefully it will show in the future.the day is the tenth of July, and everyone just has to get their group set up. We on our way. Our color is green, we already have an emblem done by Boss Jonathan. It displays a green G in the middle of an Ace that's on fire. How does that sound to you? It looked alright, but not everyone agreed on the first decision. I aint have no problem with it personally, but when Gem came thru the door, she wanted to change the color to pink, along with Matyia, and Gem hated the emblem. In the end, we just decided to keep what Boss Jon came up with and that's it. We rollin wit that. ITS THE ROC!!!!!


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