Friday, October 13, 2006

HarlemLIVE GONE WILD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today at harlemlive has been a crazy. People who come once in the blue come and dont do any work. Which i think is fuckin sad. People need to get there shit together of fuckin go home. I bet next week when we have or Battle of tbe DJs everyone of them is gonna come and try to get in for free. Bullshit people need to start doin stuff around here or its gonna be some shit that goes down. For example the Open House we had on Wednsday was so fuckin bad. Barely any staff member came only Me, Shelise, and Khareem was pretty much the only staff that came and cleaned up the day before for nothing. only two people came to the open house. Ok i know its was raining but if Chris Brown was here with Beyonce everyone would fuckin come. If people want to be apart of HarlemLIVE they need to get on point quick. Remeber the Bet all or most of the staff will end up coming to the Battle of the DJs and Halloween Party and think that there gonna get in free but it AINT HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!


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