Monday, July 10, 2006


hey wussup its ya boi jonnie....and im reppin that shuffle alliance.and yea tha name was ALL my idea : its all about how life is a card deck and were the cards that have been dealt for our time, and were an alliance. yea. but newayz shuffle alliance is gunna win, we got a good team and we got a good chance. iv been wit HL for three years and i still havent won so i REALLY wanna win this year.Nobody gonna stop me and my team now and being co-captain is my role so im taking and running for it.Im so dedicated with Shuffle Alliamce that i had to run alllllll the way downtown for a job interview and run back to HL to get the work done.I didnt even get to eat because of all the work so you know ya boi is serious!!


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