Friday, October 13, 2006

My First Day At HL

My first day at HarlemLive was ok.Today i was taught how to us the apple computer, i was shown how to use the printer and fax machine, i was shown where the paper for the printer and fax machine is located. For my first day at Harlemlive my friend Shelise was yelling at everyone cause they did not post a blog, i felt kinda bad because today i just started learning what i gotta do and shown what to do so i really didnt know what to do but now i know that Shelise dont play around when it comes to doing work. I never saw her act like this in school so it was shocking to me and i wouldn't want her to get on my case for not doing any work. I can't wait until i become more advance in my job as a video editer because i think it will be more interesting and fun. On tuesday im goin story hunting and im looking forward to doing it cause it seems like its gonna be fun.


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