Friday, July 14, 2006 head hurts!

so yeah....everyone is wondering why i've been running around in circles like a foul in a meathouse, why I seen to be just "doing nothing". In my defense, I would first like to note that everyday since I have started coming to harlem live ironically Ive been having these day long headaches.sometimes the small pounding in my head is very soft but at time when I try to focus on reading, or researching or writing (anything that involves concetration), i get these really disruptive headaches. SO what I have decided to do Is be here during the day with the group, helping around finding out what stories need to be done,but doing my own research on my own time, and gettging the majority of my work done at home...which keeps me up LATER at night when I get home from HL...which why I apparently passed out for a couple hours today at the office. Im just so overwhelmed with things to do, im always busy, if not at Harlme live, with my summer SAT classes, with my other job in Brooklyn, and these headaches havent been making them any better. On wednesday, I went to the doctor who did some tests as to what might be going on but I havent go the results back yet. I just hope im okay and the headaches are the result of stress of somesort, which wouldnt be too surpising seeing that Im not the only one here at HL who feels the pressure and has become a lil stressed as a rsult of it. I just need to take it easy, it's summertime for god sakes!


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