Friday, July 14, 2006

Let Me Handle The Mic Again....

I'm back on the mic after a one day hiatus babyy. what it do? I had to take a small break in the middle cuz i was a little tired. I can't really even lie. I'm still somewhat exhausted right now, but I'm tryin to get thru it. besides that, the A-Train was cool again today, thankfully, I was able to take the whole ride without any interruptions what so ever. However, I was listening to my Jay-Z.

-Can I Live?-

When all of a sudden, this group of Levert-like singers appeared on the train while Hova's track was flowin thru my ears. I said, aww man, not again. At least it wasn't a fight, but at the same time, I had to stop my music, and with that being one of my favorite songs ever, It was a true difficulty pressing the pause button. But this group was something I had to listen to. Not only cuz I was pretty sure I wasn't going to see them again, but the sounded good. And for me to hear them thru my earphones was amazing. It took me back to the scene of the movie "New Jack City," where Nino Brown, a.k.a. Wesley Snipes took over the Carter building for his crack enterprise, and the R&B group Levert sang "Living In The City" in the background of the clip. They sounded real professional, and I hoped they were young. But I couldn't see them since I was on the other end of the train, and they seemed to be singing specifically to the people on the other side. However, the swung their voices slowly to my side, and their piches sort of brought chills to my spine, cuz I never saw anything like that in person. Litttle did I know, when I saw them, I saw faces of a time that came and went a long time ago, and their time , more than likely, came and went a long time ago. It was a bitter sweet moment, just to see so much talent, that could have been used to create classic albums and revenue for a huge music corporation, belittled to a tool just to help four men get by day to day, and hope to sing again tomorrow on another train. It was very sad but true to think about, as I have come across countless talents in my days in the subway, that could have made it big, but just never got break. From saxaphonist, to artists, to pianists, and singers. Damn, nevermind Jay-Z and me.

Can They Live?



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