Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Aight Pass Me The Mic Back....

Yeah, What It Do Babyy, It's the Ace, of the suit with the rhombus-like shape. Day went aight. Got back on the A-Train again. Today it was better than yesterday. Even though I had to see if I could go and get a shirt for my brother birthday. All the Cancers represent for my brother!!!!! I hopped back on the train and came up to HL with no problem this time. However, that was still only the beginning of my day. I had to get an interview done with a sportswriter for one of my career profiles. I had to go to 59th street on Lexington Ave. I took the R-Train, (no problems) but I got a little paranoid, mainly cuz I never took that train before. I got to Fifth Ave. and I had to ask someone where 59th and Lexington. Little did I know, that was the next stop on the train. Therefore, I was cool, just like the Gang babyy, just like the Gang.......EXCEPT! IT WAS SO HOT TODAY MAN, I felt like God was hungry and decided to put my in the oven for dinner! I mean daaaamn, where was the oxygen today. I'm walkin up Lexington and 59th lookin like im about to either steal somethin or rob somebody. I was lucky to get into theBloomberg Building safe+sound. Once in though, it felt like pure heaven. There shoulda been Angels in there dressed in white playing harps and singing "ahhhhhhhh." I felt like I really met 50 Cent at the Pearly Gates at that moment. In reality though, there were steel counters, and limestone statues on the wall. And that's just the lobby! Around the corner there were more steel counters, and pillars, and they took a picture of my face with a camera in the wall. I coulda been on an interview to join the MIB if I didn't know any better! Next, I hit the elevators to go and see my interviewee, and the elevators had green and red lights to indicate which elevators were going up and which were going down (Team Joc What It Do Babyy!), that was crazy too. Now to the best part of the building: Floor Six. You come through the elevator and there is someone to greet you when you walk in. He told me where to sit, to wait for my interviewee, but I barely paid attention to what he said cuz I turned around and saw the snack bar that Rich had told me of. To tell you the truth, the snack bar was HUGE understatement for what I saw. Number one: Snack Bars aint free. All those chips, and sodas and juices and food and candy was just there for the taking. I coulda took anything I wanted, but I didn't want to be too greedy so I just got an Iced Tea....Anyway, the interview went great. I got my notes, and I plan on interviewing more writers for my career profile goal. Shuffle Alliance is a about to go in, real big like Manny Fresh. IT'S THE ROC!!!


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