Monday, July 10, 2006

We're here live with shuffle alliance....

This is Gem Ross reporting live with Shuffle Alliance for on the status of the summer media chalenge 2006. The 2006 media challenge has been with a great start with 3 eager teams ready to rack up point. we're here with the shuffle alliance group from harlem live and asked their views on the start of the race and how things have been going. Queen of diamonds from shuffle live has said that her team hs a great start. They did a POS on the bush administration and has gotten some wonderful feedback from the harlem community. Their team color is green and they have divised a strategic plan on this summer's media plans. their interview line up also sound great: they plan on writing stories on one very influencial harlem reverend, an NFL player, and an NBA player. Sounds like the shuffle alliance has it in the bag for the 2006 summer media challenge. This is Gem Ross once again live with the shuffle alliance here at harlem live, over and out!


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