Monday, July 10, 2006

Shuffle Alliance Captain

Hello to all the curious readers my name is Shelise and I had a busy day.Today my the Shuffle Alliance team nominated me as their Captain and the first thing that came to mind was for me to give in my all to make sure we win.I remember a Numerologist took the numbers of my birthday and told me that im ahead of everything.So im taking my team with me as I stay ahead of everything.Trust was taken from me from my team and trust is what im giving back.As a leader I took two of my team members outside on the streets of 125th to do a P.O.S. (Person On the Streets) and we gained a relationship with three intelligent men on out President on Bush.Though alot of people aren't interested in Bush I know with my Video Editing skills I cam open the eyes of my peers.I know with being Captain i'll still keep the name of greatest newbie in HarlemLIVE!


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