Monday, July 10, 2006

phillip aka webdesigner

this ya boy phillip and i love harlem live from meeting new people and learning more about computers also working with the community also listening to music to concentrater on working its very fun i can also interveiw people on the streets so if you wanna learn about computers come to harlem live the first day i was a newbie so i took a picture i also made a profile for myself
this week week we went to a park and played activities to know each other better like we was blind folded and had a animal and was spreaded through the park and had to get together using only our animal sounds i learned also how to put pictures on the profile and how to ddo presentations as a group this will be good so when i get to school i can write on how i spent my summer at harlem live i love technology and im also taught technology in my school i will also learn about journalism which is stories on the street also reporting which is writing the stories and video which is recording any important events


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