Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well hello this your boy jonny up in hurr doing my thing.
I feel I am a totally different person. I found out that I have grown from the previous media challenges. I feel that I have a great responibility for my team's action and their decisions. I feel that I was given this power to control for the good of humanity and to demonstrate what I can do for my team. This is not the same Jonathan harlemlive knew in the past who in fact would scream out oooahhhhhh!!!!!! And make monkey noises to amuse others and to get attention. I have a goal now. My goal now is to make sure that my team wins. When I find that taste of victory then my thirst will be quenched.

Every man desires something in the universe. I desire victory so much that I will do anything do obtain what I desire. The Shuffle Alliance will reign victorious on the August 19th 2006. The Shuffle Alliance is like any powerful group that never gives up and never kneels to anyone. The Shuffle Alliance can be compared to the Black Panthers who never backed down to discrimination from the white race or to ethnic conflicts from the White's man republican form of government. The Shuffle Alliance is like a deck of cards always together and working together to create something grand and unique. The Shuffle Alliance will produce great stories, gargantuan videos, and finish the clickable map of Harlem. I am co Leader of the Shuffle Alliance and will dedicate most of my time to the advancement of my team and will direct our team members to greatness. But I cannot do this act alone, I will need everyone's effort to produce magnificent works of literature, marvelous videos, and exquisite web designs.

Shuffle Alliance will climb any mountain, swim any ocean and fly the endless skies to reach perfection!


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