Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Diamond's Back On The Mic Now....

I don't think Im takin the A-Train anymore to get to HL. I only took that train 2 times, but each time I took it , someone wanted to pop off, or fight, for those that are deficient in Hood Talk. But that train is bugged out man, for real. The first time I got on it to arrive to HL, some people got Into a fight on the car next to the one I was in. Now I could understand that people gotta handle their businees, but on a moving train? My peoples, nobody would be able to get out of the train if someone started shootiin off or whatever. Next thting you know, the guy sittin next to me starts yellin all on te train about how they shouldn't be fightin eachother on the train cuz you can't move nowhere! I could understand that too, but did he have to YELL IN MY EAR? Btween 59th and 125th was where we stopped, making me even later than I had to be. Lol, I skipped takin that train the next day to save myself from the trouble.....Fastforward to this morning, I decide to try out the A one more again. anyway, everything is going good, and im on schedule to arrive to the site ahead of time. 34 St. was where the drama started. DJ Kay Slay shoulda been there for that one. I'm posted on the door of the train, listenin to my Cherrelle and all that-"I Didn't Mean To Turn You Onnn"- vibin, until I hear loud voices through my Creative earphones. I turn around, and what do I see? A West Indian woman, and a Spanish man fighting over something. don't neccessarily know what they were speakin on but it got a little violent to say the least. Then, out of nowhere, another guy comes out and tells the spanish guy to stop yellin at the woman like that. I agreed with him on that. But It was like seein Superman comin to save the day. "I will punch you in your face right now, my dude, what's really good? Huh? what's really good?" That was what the Superman-like character said to the Spanis dude. Luckily it died down after that. But I was just in the middle of a huge argument wit really nowhere to breeze to if somebody did pull out a gun or somethin. Them A-Train's kid, 'll tell ya. they don't be the move sometimes........IT'S THE ROC!!!


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