Wednesday, July 19, 2006

wats really good

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
my day so far is beautiful we have two people taking care the cracks on the wall also mobb deep is gonna be downtown ima see them perform and get thier autograph i will also try to get thier interveiw while thier i also went to get breakfast for rich n others and mail letters im doing my job =for the team that put me as the weakest person on my team shuffle alliance but we winning ya dig we going all the way also im writing blogs so my team can get more points but thats nessary what um second week we still ahead so my team is the greatest like muhammed ali but bein im like jay-z i need to retire check dis out yeah,its philmoney ayo,my team shuffle alliance cuz we never leavin/anomis and joc shook grab thier chest like the pledge of alligence/joc say its goin down think they hot/joc threw a album off the roof and now they are down/anomis think they get cheaddar/its sad how they stole our journalist rebbeca/anomis and joc really not compition to me/they wouldnt be ready if they had a rocky and eye of the tiger of the beat.thats just a sample but we on top like icin on a cake easy


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