Monday, July 17, 2006

I Got My Bird Yayy!!!

This weekend I went away with my sorority this weekend. It was not as fun as I would have hoped. Since we (meaning my '05 line sisters) were Neos they treated us if as though we were beneath them. But it was good that our deans had our backs and told the other sisters that we already crossed and it is not our faults that they had to wait 5 years for them to get their Bird. Another thing wrong about this weekend was the location. I mean I love the woods as much as the next guy but the next guy hates the woods...LOL (inside joke)
During this weekend I saw Bambi and his family. You might think .... o she's a punk for being scared of deers but its one thing from seeing a picture and seeing them in real life. If that wasn't scary enough there was this trailer park and as I was walking past the 1st trailer there was 2 hugely big rockweilers who attempted to attack my sisters and I.
Now the sad part of my weekend was not being able to help my team, Shuffle Alliance. They needed me to be at a video class on Sunday but I was not able attend it. Its okay because I will stay tonight to learn what I missed.~Uno~


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