Monday, August 14, 2006

It Gets tighter and Tighter

As we proceed, to give you what you need, the competition gets tighter and tighter as we head into the late stages of the race. Team shuffle has regressed a litle bit, but thats just because we have become a little dormant. we'll be a little more alive in a little. Love it a little more, love it a little more. We only down by about 25 points, and thats a nice little poem right there, so its all good. Especially since we're going to write stories, and try to produce more videos. We need as much as we can get right now. I just found out today that we lost another journalist, and thats never a good thing. I feel like im taking up the whole journaist part for my team. Thats all good and everything, but at the same time i feel a little lonely up here, I need someone to be able to say "im clibing the mountain with u my man." I don't know


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