Thursday, October 26, 2006

HarlemLIVE STAFF WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday me and shelise came to HL to come put everthing back after the terrible Battle of the DJs crap. It was so bad that no one was dancing and we had no DJs at all. We had the labtop for music, aint that a BITCH. The party ended early and we had no money at all for the party. Sunday afternoon me and shelise came to HL to move stuff back and no one showed up. Whats really good wit that ? We moved the tables, computers, cabinets and so much heavy objects. At least most of the staff should have came to help move stuff back. I feel every time its time to do something at HarlemLIVE fun no staff meembers come. But they always the ones asking to do so much stuff. The staff needs to get there act together because this shit aint cool at all. The staff meeting i have a lot of stuff to say to all the staff members about whats going on in harlemlive.


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