Monday, October 23, 2006

Slow but good progress......

I'm guessing because of the cold outside and the fact that it's Monday, no one really came to the office.Besides that I'm continuing on putting the Halloween Party together.I have some help from outsiders and I'm still trying to get in contact with Raquiyah from Hot 97.To my surprise I have a couple of staff and non-staff members helping out too.I had Sandra go on to Papa Johnn's to ask if they can donate pizza for the party and they agreed that they will after they speak with their manager.There's a 80% chance so we're up there.We also had a teen interested in joining from Papa John's so this is not only a benefit for the party but for HL.I'm trying to get the Street Team to do a better job so we won't make the same mistake as before.Other then the party Kamal and I are stilll trying to find new office space and we're still trying to keep the website and the organization up.


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