Sunday, October 15, 2006

TAvis Smiley at Hue Man

note to blogger who wrote in red: Red doesn't show up good on this background!

No current staff were around when I went to HL yesterday afternoon. Kamal and Gabby were on story and Frierson was at the video workstation after all day at work. I asked him to come with me to check out Tavis Smiley at Hue Man. Tavis can be seen currently on Ch. 13 in NYC at midnight. He has a half hour talk show. He also can be heard on rad

When we showed up at Hue Man, there definitely was a buzz in the air. They had most of the store roped off. Only those that purchased the book were allowed to enter the closed off area and take a seat. Chris and I got in as we were press. The seats were arranged different than usual, making more room for the larger crowd. Many folks were already sitting in anticipation of the special guest.

Chris and I stood towards the back as Chris shot some footage of the crowd and set up. We saw former councilman Bill Perkins come through saying his name.

It wasn't long when in the back door from the Magic Johnson theater that Tavis Smiley came through with an entourage, including Dr Cornell West, author and Princeton University professor.

The event was probably the most moving I'd ever seen. I'm going to write an article about it for the site.


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