Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heat wave

I am going to say it for the last time, it is HOTT! outside. It is 100 degrees today. Did i tell you it was hot? O yea my bad Sorry. I almost did not make it to HarlemLIVE today. But i had to think about my team and not myself so i took the coolest way to HarlemLIVE and got here in about 8 minutes. I was only hot on about 2 blocks because they didnt have any shade or trees at all. They should make it a law to have some form of shade on every block once it hit 90 degrees. I'm serious. This is'nt a joke.
Then i had to go outside to pass out flyers. That was the funny part of my day. Well i had a couple of laughs. As i walked wit my friend we handed flyers to a couple of people but its was funny because i think they only took it to fan themselves. LOL Then on the way back to HarlemLIVE a boy was handing out flyers to a Talent Search so we told him that we'll trade. So we gave him ours and he gave us his. That was a pretty fair trade.
Overall, this day was iight besides the sorching heat. Well thats all i had to tell yall. I'll holla.
P.S Did i tell yall it was HOTT!!! today LOL


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