Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ohhh My God

Watching these animals is uncall for. These are my peers but lately they be acting like a pack of wild animals. Joy runs through the face of the victorious that includes both teams anonymous and joc. They are so happy that both of them have cooperated with each other and performed magnificently. The thing is that the alliance was put to sleep because or best writers were taken from us. We blame the god damn hole in the wall but it was us that we loss. We have fallen back in work and everything else. I feel this is all my fault but it is. HAHAHA You hear this IM loafing around mourning our loss but I should be working on some projects and sh*t like that!!!
The alliance have to win this time. I can feel the other team becoming more advance than me and my team and is what is scaring of me. Well I shouldn't be scared of something that cannot physically hurt me but it hurt my heart knowing we not winning. Look the alliance is going to win this we need to step up our game because the other team is getting on us.
I want to talk about girls now. Listen this is my blog I can say what ever I want and I think what I about to say is least futile.
I am a 17 year old Latino who is single and searching for his one and truly to appear. I am a senior with a 95% point average and likes long walks on the beach. I am caring and faithful and will never cheat on my girl. I am looking and if you like what you read then hit me up in Harlemlive.
Also I am an immigrant that loves to dance,reggae reggae, and more reggae!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo this is jonny hit me up!!!


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