Monday, July 24, 2006


Hi you doing is me Jonny holding you guys down!!! As i work hard to get this points for my team i think of something. I think if we ever recover from what happen last week. We lost a ton of great group members to the hands of "The Man" or the DYCD. I have also noticed that my team haven't done anything since the DYCD incident. I feel that the alliance is going to fall to the hands of team anyomous. I heard they have 10 stories lined up and are ready to whip it out. HAHA "whip" but yeah sooo i saw the most biggest rats i have ever seen in manhattan. I was at 125th and i was chilling with Rebecca and the crew and a rat pass by i was like damn!!! The city needs to get cleaner!!!

I have been the leader of the alliance since July 5th. I have seen my team going up and up in the tables and it seems that we are going to win. I am sad that i will have to leave Harlemlive on August 1st. But i won't leave Harlemlive just like that, i will do my best to support my team with everything it takes. If i have to put some hours after work then be it. You know i won't let my team lose everything. I have to do everything for my team. People say that i maybe Editor In Chief. What the F***!!!! I do not want to be that. Too much responsibilities for me. No thanks!!!!

This has been Jonny the only latino (Light Skinned) chilling in harlem like always!!! Dont Forget me Harlemlive when you kick me out or when you find me with a girl on top of me (couch) or when i leave this place a mess. I fought for you Harlemlive so dont forget that!!!!!!!!


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