Monday, July 24, 2006

i told yall harlemlive/we still here

yep on friday july 21 2006 at 5 in the afernoon harlem live we worked hard all thursday and went down to dycd and settled the dispute and we won so since today is monday we got presentations at 6 and a meeting at 12 noon today i doing a blog and practice on my newbie card i now how to do it but i want to explain it step by step alos go to harlem live website slash tutorials where i can learn more about webdesign and im happy because im learning so much bout harlem live because im interested in computers i have fun like on friday on our way back from dycd we told people about harlem live and what our jobs are also putting on a little show of dancing of course i won but then lost but its all good because my team shuffle alliance is astill in the lead im happy because harlem live benn open like 10years and its cool to learn abuot it basicly told yall like jay-z


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