Friday, July 21, 2006


This week was a test of our love and determination to be in Harlemlive. There was drama in Harlemlive for students getting pulled from Harlemlive. I was included in this drama and was effected most dearly. Clearly the SYEP people do not know that this is my home. A procter once said "A man can find happiness in his home but cannot find happiness else where". Harlemlive is my home and no one can take that away from me. Today was a day of infamy for Harlemlive a day we will never forget. It was tense in the morning awaiting the DYCD administrative people to arrive nd we tried getting ready. Then as I turned my face i saw them walking through the door. I was astonished they actually came to Harlemlive. I would have think they had had such a busy life then to worry about a bunch of minority children accomplishing (to there point of view) nothing.

We are the youth, the strongest arsenal Harlemlive has. It was the youth who brought Harlemlive to where it is. But the youth cannot function without grand leadership. To be a leader one knows the consequences that is resulted by his or her action, knows what fear can do to their followers and knows what advice can be given to their followers when it is a time of despair and discomfort. That leader is Richard. People think he is silly at times but he knows right from wrong. Without him harlemlive will break apart. Is like when Brad left we thought we weren't going to make it. I thought when a problem affected Harlemlive who was here to fix it. But we came through. We did our thing and we are more closer to each other than ever. I can now say that Harlemlive will never fall to any problem someone throws at them. He are stronger than ever and we will continue to become powerful each year.

This media challenge is going to the Alliance hand down. We are more focused then ever. We have lost powerful people on the way to greatness but have gain people too. The challenge is far from over but me writing this blog is keeping me from posting stories, editing on the site, or ordering people to do something~~HAHAAHA~~. Is great to have power but one know his limits.


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