Wednesday, July 26, 2006

still strong from phillip

my team shuffle aliiance is still strong enen though alot of people arnt here and we won for presentation monday also im trying to set up interveiw with dj coco chanelle from hot97 im waiting for her response also anyhting is possible like nike so it's easy i helped a new girl yesterday with her newbie card and it was fun but the said thing is she's on team anonmys i personally think team anomys should of got goof points because they didnt have no photographer/video person was there and no web people from thier team was there im happy my team today is gettin our questions for kurtis blow tomorrow at the hiphop church also intrveiws for next week but check this (my team is like dwayne wade team we to hot,and like the heat this year we couldnt be stop)asy we winning


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