Monday, July 24, 2006

Im going crazy

Hey guys....Ive been so SOO stressed out lately. last week it seems liek everything in my life was callpsing. Harlem live was on the brink of being shut down for all syep participants such as myself for the entire summer, interrupting our whole summer media challenge. the week that we were faced with all these problems was also the week that most of our interviews were scheduled. of course through all the choas goind down, me missed those interviews and meetings and now that all the madness is over, we have to catch up and reschedule everything that wa smissed last week, which is so overwhelming. Last week I also borke up with my long time long....for undisclosed reasons and I almost lost my other job becasuse i hadent been there in so long (took a break from all the stress but didnt call them...i lied n told them i went to grenada for a funeral). In the end, i still have my jobs (both of them), but no love =(..I miss him but what can I do....until again- Gem


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