Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yoo hi you doing is your boy Jonathan holding it down and i want to say that i love spending time here and i love the atmosphere here. I wish my mother would understand that I love it here and enjoy leaving here late at night finishing some work. My mother threated me and stated that if i came late again that she wont allow me to go to Harlemlive anymore. I was mad that i heard that but i know where she is coming from. She cares about me like every other mother knows how to. Is that love what keeps me going through in life. A mother's love for a child could not be topped by any other love out there. But in reality i will never let here pull me out of this program. I love HL too much for this shit to happen. Also queens is very deep and to go home in that A train is very difficult to do. You see late at nights the A train runs local and u know i get to my house by 2 am and it break my moms heart seeing me come home sooo late. Anyways i dont want to talk about train related problems because then team joc will make fun of me. Yeah any ways i learned alot from those minisink (NYC mission society) classes, they taught me how to avoid the military recruiters and how to ba an activist. I would love to be activist because they fight for what they believe in and i love that. I would say i would follow in the footsteps of Malcom X and Che Guevarra. They inspire me to keep on going and never stop believing in what you believe in. Hopefully when i reach adulthood i already made a difference in the community or in people's lives. I will have to maintain and keep focus on what i know is right and to know what actions i must do to make things right. Right now my intentions is to bring the Henry people back. I have lost at least three people from the wall incident and they haven't returned. I am worried that they wot come back. But i wont lose hope because when things go wrong it hardly goes wrong twice. Also Rich is not giving up hope so pray to God, Jesus, Allah or who ever you pray to.
I am Jonathan Alarcon a wanabee activist and i will become one!!!


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Keep up the good work. thnx!


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